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Reliable server hosting with personal support


BattleHill isn't just a hosting site. There is also a server list this allows users to add their server so people can find your server on the site.

Custom website

The new website is praised. Not only are new features constantly added. This is also the place where you can improve your server. And coming soon are network donations!

Server packages

Quality Service

Our packages range from a diverse amounts of tokens. Ranging from 400 to 1600 tokens each package gets increasingly discounted. Therefore, the best value package is our Minecraft 8GB package. With this range you can run vanilla ánd modded servers as smooth as butter.

When you buying a bigger package the price drastically decreases. Compared to other hosting sites we offer cheap servers of scale.

Custom server dashboard image

Server Features

Included with every server

Control panel
Personal support
Full SFTP Access
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core
NVMe SSD Storage
Scheduled Tasks
Unlimited player slots
Paper, Forge, Bungeecord and more

Custom dashboard

BattleHill uses a custom website with cool features. There are constant updates to the website that make it even better and gives the user more features to use.

Custom dashboard image

BattleHill tokens

With tokens you can buy servers. Because there are mulitple token packages it is up to you how big you want your discount. Bigger packages give a better rate, this way your server will be even cheaper. Because of tokens you can also decide yourself if you want to pay in advance or not. You can decide when to spend your tokens on your server. Or decide to open a new one.


There are experienced people on the Discord server. They can help you setup and maintain you Minecraft server.
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Community server

One of Battlehill's priorities is to preserve a fair and fun experience for every member. Therefore Battlehill offers a free server to play on. play.battlehill.net