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Want to contact us? We would love to get to know you!

Having trouble or got a specific question for us? We're here to help.




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Can I get a refund for my tokens?

No, tokens can never be refunded after purchase.

I have some spare tokens what can I do with them?

You can use them on extending or upgrading your server.

Are there automatic payments?

No, there are no automatic payments, so you don't have to worry about sudden charges. If your server runs out of time it will simply be suspended.

Do my tokens ever expire?

No your tokens are permanent and will never expire.

How is my payment handled?

Payments are handled by Stripe. After purchase it may take a few minutes for your tokens to be added.

My tokens were not added, what now?

It can take a few minutes for your tokens to be added. Try refreshing the page. If you still haven't received them. Please contact support so the issue can be resolved.

Is there a way to earn tokens?

In the discord there will sometimes be a giveaway of free tokens.

I am not sure yet, can I test the server?

If you are interested but still have doubts, contact support. There we can discuss a good test server for you.

Is there a player limit?

No, all our packages can have unlimited players. However high number of players also require a higher package for a good experience.

Where is the server physically located?

All our servers are located in Germany. If you would like to check ping in your locations contact support for a test server.

How long is the extension period?

All purchases and extensions of servers are 30 days.

My server is suspended. Can I turn it back on?

All suspended servers can be turned on again by extending the server again.

Can my server be deleted?

You can delete all your servers yourself. But you can only do this when the server is suspended.

Will my server erver be deleted?

When your server is suspended there is a chance we will remove it to save resources. So make sure to backup before your server is suspended. We will always keep your server for the first week when it has been suspended.

I want to be a sub-user on someone else's server, but how?

If have never owned a server yourself on BattleHill you don't have a panel account. You can create a panel account for yourself by simply going to your profile. On the profile page is a button where you can create a panel account.

Where can I switch to dark mode?

You can switch themes down below in the footer.

I added my server to the list but I don't see it?

You have to publish your server before it shows on the list. This is so you can make sure you are satisfied with you content before anyone sees it. Go to your server, press edit, and make sure Published network is turned on.

Can I add my server to the server-list for free?

Yes, adding your server to the server-list is completely free!

I host my server on another site. Can I still add my server to the list?

All server are allowed. So it doesn't matter if your hosted on BattleHill.

Are there rewards for voting?

Every server can add vote rewards via votifier2. So it depends on the server you are voting for.

How can I increase my servers position on the list?

You can let other people vote for your server by sending them to your custom page.

How many times can I vote?

You can vote for every server once day. You only need a verified account